One thing people watch the Super Bowl for besides whoever is performing the halftime show are the commercials. Most companies pull out the big guns as the Super Bowl is one of the most watched programs in America. Lots of companies have memorable commercial, like Joe Greene's Coca-Cola commercial, Budweiser's commercial are always an emotional one as well. This year had people excited to see what companies had in store for their huge audience, but fans were left disappointed.

The ads this year were a flop, some commercials have you questioning if they did too much, or if this was actually appropriate for TV.

(That Mr. Clean commercial hurt my eyes.) But there was one good commercial out of the bunch. The Buick commercial gave us they laugh we needed featuring Cam Newton and some little kids.

Super Flop on Super Bowl commercials

The Super Bowl commercials that were aired really disappointed fans. Many commercials you didn't know what company it was until they flashed their logo at the very end. That was quite irritating, giving you a whole two-minute commercial, but not seeing who it's about or what it's even for kind of made me tune out and pray a better commercial was coming afterwards. Tom Brady threw jabs at Goodell in his commercial, but that was already expected as soon as you seen him on there.

Honda's #PowerofDreams commercial was a little creepy, as yearbook photos of famous stars started talking, which was powerful, but a little but if a scare. The Mr. Clean commercial was by far the most disgusting and awkward commercial in Super Bowl history. Seeing a woman dancing like that with an animated character which would turn out to be her rather round husband, might've sickened more people than just me.

Their dances were more horrifying than actual comedy, and kind of put a damper on the super bowl commercials.

Cam and kids save the day

One of the few highlights of the Super Bowl commercials was the Buick commercial featuring Panthers QB Cam Newton. It started when a person showing up in a new Buick and a person said "that's a Buick." the father replied, "If that's a Buick then my kid's Cam Newton." All of a sudden his son turned into Newton, pushing and shoving kids out the way scoring touchdown after touchdown, and proving that the car is a Buick.

This was by far the best commercial of the Super Bowl, giving the audience laughs and a star-studded cast. Supermodel Miranda Kerr made a similar appearance in the ad as well. Buick commercials are usually pretty smart and hilarious, and they stole the show for the Super Bowl, having by far the best commercial for the big game. Check out the full commercial below/