Two kannada movies, "Mana Manthana" and "Preethi Prema" were released on February 17, 2017 all over India. As per reports coming out from the theaters, the audiences are impressed with these flicks.

"Preethi Prema" is mainly targeted at the youth of the Karnataka state, while "Mana Manthana" is a tailor-made film for the family audiences. Now, let us try to analyze the box-office fate of these movies in the coming days.

'Mana Manthana'

"Mana Manthana" directed by Suresh Heblikar stars Ramesh Bhat, Arpita Gowda, Kiran Rajput, K S Sridhar and Suman in the lead roles.

This movie revolves around various emotions in the human mind which include love, lust, greed, possessiveness and passion.

The director tries to convey how these emotions mold the thoughts and behavior of individuals, and it also discusses the way in which it impacts our personal lives.

All the actors have done their respective roles with finesse, and it is the major USP of this movie. As the film is facing less competition in the box-office, it is expected to gross more than 04 Crores by the end of this weekend.

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The movie has released at PVR cinemas, Cinepolis, and Apsara theater in Hubli.

'Preethi Prema'

"Preethi Prema" is touted to be a breezy romantic tale which depicts the story of utmost affection between a software engineer guy and a BPO girl. Directed by Kashi, the film beautifully portrays the life of techies living in Bangalore.

With his simple yet elegant way of storytelling, the director has delivered a real gem of a film which will surely capture the hearts of youngsters in the IT hub.

"Preethi Prema" stars Chaithanya Nelli and Nidhi Kushalappa in the lead roles, while the supporting cast includes, Girish Vidyanathan, Yamuna Srinidhi, Tennis Krishna, Uday and Swathi Rao.

As the film is now receiving positive reviews from all corners, the box-office run of "Preethi Prema" is also expected to be fruitful. By the end of this weekend, the movie may gross somewhere around 3-4 Crores from the Sandalwood box-office.