Looking to take the next step?

While nothing has been officially confirmed or denied, there has been a lot of speculation recently surrounding Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth. Ultimately, while the two have been engaged in a courtship, an actual engagement has yet to come to pass. Still, given the fact that they both knew each other long before they ever entered into such an arrangement, and the propensity of the Duggars to pair off and get right down to the baby-making, fans are "counting on" the fact that this is in the couple's near future, and counting down the days, it seems, until there is news of an engagement between the two.

Radar Online reported just last month of the pregnancy scare that the pair experienced. While the Duggars are very strict with their courting rules, the 19-year-old clearly broke them when she admitted to having been intimate with Forsyth. Jinger Duggar was the previous one among the brood that had to abide by said courtship rules during her time spent in a courtship with now-husband Jeremy Vuolo, however, the fact that the pair have already been intimate shows that perhaps times are changing in the Duggar household -- it also ups the probability that there could be an actual pregnancy, engagement or not.

Facebook photos cause quite a stir

It seems that the main thing to stir the pot surrounding the Joy-Anna Duggar/Austin Forsyth engagement rumors were photos released via Facebook.

The first photo depicted Joy-Anna Duggar holding a bag, which just so happened to strategically be covering her ring finger. Commenters were quick to note this, and many wondered if it was just an innocent way to hold the bag, or if there was something more strategic behind it.

Later on, however, another photo was released that did show a ring finger minus a ring, which provided commenters with something of a counter-argument to the engagement claim. However, while there is nothing definitive yet regarding a possible engagement, as far as the Duggars are concerned, you can be sure that there is always one looming.