Another Duggar down the aisle?

It's no secret that the Duggar clan have made a business out of baby-making, and a lot of money from marriage. With each successive season of the Duggar clan spin-off series "Counting On," fans and viewers can always count on another courtship, another marriage, or another baby.

Jesse Duggar Seewald and husband Ben Seewald just recently welcomed new baby boy Henry into the Duggar fold, and there has been considerable buzz online over the new arrival over the past few days. Jesse Duggar Seewald adds to her already growing family, with her oldest son, Spurgeon now a big brother to Henry.

Added to this, Jinger is now happily married to Pastor Jeremy Vuolo, and, with their nuptials and honeymoon complete, fans all over social media have been essentially counting down the days until the world hears news about a Jinger pregnancy.

While there has been recent scandal involving oldest son Josh Duggar in recent years (which ultimately led to the network cancelling the original show "19 Kids and Counting"), it seems that the spin-off "Counting On" has been able to turn a new leaf, as it were, and become very much its own entity without living in the larger Duggar shadow.

What's the latest?

As fans know, she has been involved in a courtship with Austin Forsyth for some time now. While she is only 19-years-old, there has been speculation recently that she is already engaged.

Much of the recent engagement speculation was stirred up on account of this photo, posted to the official Duggar family Facebook page:

At first glance, this photo doesn't appear to depict anything out of the ordinary. That said, however, some fans have pointed out that Joy-Anna Duggar is hiding her ring finger behind the bag that she's holding.

Now, it could be that she just so happened to be holding the bag that way without any underlying meaning behind it, but, some fans are not buying it.

That said, however, Joy-Anna Duggar is later pictured in another photo with her ring finger showing (minus a ring), so, while it may be true that Joy-Anna Duggar certainly appears to be next in line as far as engagements and baby-making go, perhaps she is not quite there...yet.