2016 was a great year for music, many new Albums by artists like AFI, changed the scope of their music range entirely. While we wait for the next blockbuster album to top the charts, we can look at some of the already eagerly anticipated new albums of 2017. Bands like these have sold out shows all year long in some cases, so it's no surprise that we're often waiting years between new albums. Some of the year's best music is probably being recorded right now.

Many bands plan their music releases to be timed around touring schedules.

Trent Reznor has released music on schedules that showed an eagerness to produce more and 2017 would probably be no different.

He has two confirmed projects for 2017 and undoubtedly the addition of Atticus Ross to the official band, "NIN" will be a factor in what the new music sounds like. Atticus has been a long time collaborator with Trent, and you can expect big things this year. Blondie will be producing an album featuring Sia, Charli XCX, Blood Orange’s Dev Hynes, Nick Valensi, Joan Jett, The Gregory Brothers, and Johnny Marr. Debbie Harry’s album is expected soon.

U2 releasing 'Songs of Experience.'

You'll remember Songs of innocence was an iTunes fiasco as many users hated it quite audibly on social media. "Songs Of Experience" will feature over 50 songs almost guaranteeing at least one of them will catch on. The band most certainly intends to go on producing in spite of any setbacks, or rather "with or without you." Depeche Mode will release "Spirit, " and rabid fans will devour it if history is any indicator.

The band hasn't changed their sound, and that may be the best approach as everyone anticipates delighting in more of the same.


Some of his fans stand by his originality every step of the way. His new album entitled "Like right now" is expected possibly in April. CharlieXCX is expected to release something in May, and it's no secret that this will be an entirely pop sounding album at first followed by contributors and remixes in nightclubs.

The Jesus and Mary Chain perhaps best remembered for their music featured on the soundtrack of the movie "The Crow" release Damage and Joy on March 24th. Bruce Springsteen intends to release his first full-length album with any original content since 2012.

Taylor Swift

Prepared to take risks Taylor intends to try an edgy urban R&B album with the help of Drake in the studio, fans will love it or hate it, but at least it's a daring move in an otherwise bland genre.

Lorde has something in the works but hasn't released the name of the album yet. Katy Perry has a to be announced album in the works as well. Finally, Tool, Maynard James Keenan has waited a full decade to release another album with the band but has a mile of other collaborations behind him including everything from Perfect Circle to Puscifer leaving my expectations very very high.