"Teen Mom 2" star Chelsea Houska is probably the happiest woman alive. She married her best friend, cole deboer, last year, and she gave birth to her first son, Watson Cole, this year. Her growing family is finally complete, and her dreams have finally come true. Through her Instagram posts and Twitter tweets (and "Teen Mom 2," obviously), fans are updated on the star's life. They get to see everything, from cutesy clips of her "goofball" husband to sweet videos of Aubree and Watson's unbreakable bond. While she's more outspoken on social media, Cole is not as vocal.

Even though he's probably an amazing father, followers need to know the truth. Just how great is Cole DeBoer, anyway? Well, Chelsea Houska gave an answer.

Is Cole DeBoer a superman?

Since his first televised appearance, Cole DeBoer won the hearts of viewers. He was sweet and shy, and he had piercing eyes and a defined jawline. Aside from his good looks, he treated Chelsea Houska with respect, and he treated Aubree like she was his own biological daughter. The trio were inseparable. After Cole DeBoer and Chelsea Houska got married, they welcomed their firstborn; he was born on January 25, 2017. He's not even a month old yet, but fans want to know: how is Cole DeBoer adjusting to fatherhood?

He's probably a superman

Even though she's a mother of two now, Chelsea Houska still embellishes her online presence. She even responds to a few of her followers. "That snap of Cole coming home to see his baby boy was...[the] Cutest thing EVER in the history of the world," a commenter wrote. Chelsea Houska shared a similar sentiment.

"He's been so amazing," she replied. Even before their son's birth, Cole DeBoer was excited about fatherhood. In an Instagram post, he shared his thoughts about his baby in utero. "Introducing the most amazing man on the planet... our little sweetie," he relayed. Chelsea Houska's own father, dubbed Papa Randy, was just as happy, too. "Haven't gotten a single tearful 3am call from [Chelsea] since she has been with Cole," Randy said.