carly Waddell and Evan Bass met and fell in love on "Bachelor in Paradise." Things were not always smooth sailing for this couple, but now they seem to be a perfect match and are already planning their wedding.Evan and Carly were on a Podcast with Bustle and actually shared a few details about their relationship that everyone doesn't know. Evan even shared that they almost met before the show.

How did Carly and Evan almost end up meeting?

Evan was already cast for "The Bachelorette," but hadn't left yet when he went out to a bar with some friends.

They told him that a girl who was on "The Bachelor" was there. It was Carly Waddell. These two both live in Nashville, which of course, made their relationship easier once they went back home after "Bachelor in Paradise."

So Evan almost went over to talk to Carly Waddell before heading off to be on the show, but instead of doing it he changed his mind for some reason. This might be for the best. If Carly and Evan had met before going on "Bachelor in Paradise," then it might have changed the dynamic between them on the show. Carly is happy he never approached her then. She even says that they are now living "Happily Evan After." This meeting might have been something really small, but it possibly could have changed the outcome of their relationship.

When Carly and Evan first met on "BIP," she was unsure that she was into him at all. Now, they are the only couple from the show that is still together. They are engaged, living together and things seem to be going great. It would shock everyone if these two didn't end up making it.

Are you shocked to hear that Carly Waddell and Evan Bass could have met before "Bachelor in Paradise"?

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