"Days Of Our Lives" fans are divided on Deimos and Nicole's relationship. Most viewers think they are a mismatch to the extreme. However, there are a few who believe the two have a mysterious connection and bond. This week, Dario Hernandez told Nicole that Deimos was responsible for his beating. After finding out that Andre DiMera was also hospitalized after being poisoned, she broke up with him. However, he will try to win her back. Will she go back with the Salem villain or stay away?

Deimos and Nicole's relationship

Chloe's reason for keeping Nicole away from baby Holly was initially Deimos Kiriakis.

However, nicole walker broke up with her fiance and Chloe Lane still wouldn't let her near the child. It was revealed that Chloe doesn't feel that Nicole would be a good mother to the little girl. She considers Nicole to be a criminal and mentally unstable, even though the attempted murder charges were dropped.

Deimos Kiriakis went too far

In his quest to have complete control and power, Deimos wants the Orwell device for himself. This started a war between the Kiriakis, DiMera, and Hernandez families. Dario tried to have Deimos killed, but Nicole Walker saved his life. Now, he has poisoned Andre DiMera and had Dario beat up. He also kidnapped Chad and Gabi, throwing the two in a locked storage unit.

Before passing out, Dario told Nicole that Deimos was responsible for the attack.

Nicole had hope on 'Days Of Our Lives'

Once realizing that Chloe may have been right about Deimos, she broke up with the Salem madman. Then, she went to find Chloe and tell her the news. In her mind, she was hoping that the breakup would allow Chloe to soften her grip on the little girl.

However, the opposite happened. Even after getting caught breastfeeding Nicole's baby on "Days Of Our Lives," Chloe refused to let go. In fact, she went as far as to call an officer over, claiming Nicole was harassing her.

Will Deimos and Nicole reconcile?

In a perfect world, Nicole would stay away from Deimos. However, the breakup happened too quickly on "Days Of Our Lives." There was no real drama with the actual split and Deimos didn't fight it.

Many fans speculate that Deimos and Nicole are not quite through yet. It is possible that Nicole will try to use Deimos' power, control, and money in order to win her court battle with Chloe Lane.

What do you think? Will Deimos and Nicole get back together on "Days Of Our Lives"?