The highly anticipated Boxing Match between Chris Brown and Soulja Boy has been canceled. Previously, the bout was said to be taking place in Dubai rather than Los Angeles or Las Vegas because both musicians were determined to not take a drug test. Now it looks like the whole thing is a bust more than a month after the very public feud and boxing challenge began.

The feud started over Karrueche Tran

The whole feud allegedly started after Soulja Boy saw a Karrueche Tran Instagram photo that he liked and did just that, liked it. He also is said to have followed that up with a comment that consisted of two eyeball emojis, apparently to let her know that he was noticing how nice she looked.

Although Chris Brown and Karrueche Tran had been broken up for more than a year and a half at that point, the attention that Soulja was paying his ex set Brown off and the singer unleashed a barrage of insults against the "Crank That" rapper.

Chris and Soulja went back and forth on Instagram, with each of the entertainers trying to out-rant the other in a series of Instagram videos on their respective accounts. Things came to a head, though, when the two decided to settle their differences in a boxing ring and even got a few other celebrities involved in the planning of their now-cancelled fight.

Chris and Soulja enlist heavyweight help to train for the match

Floyd Mayweather Jr. reportedly sided with Soulja Boy and agreed to help train the boxing amateur who is clearly much smaller than Chris.

Soulja reportedly fired Floyd at the end of January and decided to enlist the help of Evander Holyfield instead.

On the other hand, Chris Brown was reportedly learning how to box from another icon, Mike Tyson. Considering that Tyson and Holyfield are rivals themselves, the proposed fight started to take on a life of its own and many were interested in seeing the rapper and the singer square off.

Soulja Boy reveals that the boxing match is canceled

On Monday night, Soulja Boy tweeted and said the bout was canceled and he didn't seem too happy about it.

"Chris brown manager call my manager last night sand said the fight is off and he's not signing the contract. Don't ask me about the s**t no more," Soulja Boy tweeted.

After that, Soulja Boy went on a pretty intense rant about Chris Brown, calling the "Loyal" singer a "b***h" and claiming that he called off the fight because he is "shook." To make matters even worse (or more entertaining depending on who you are) the "Crank That" rapper went on a huge rant where he threatened to "beat that a**" if he runs across Chris Brown in public.

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