In the near two weeks that Donald Trump has been president, he's created constant controversy and backlash against his administration. After signing the now in famous "Muslim ban" executive order, Hollywood Celebrities were quick to speak out.

Trump roasted

Last Friday, Donald Trump gathered with members of his administration in the Oval Office and signed off on the aforementioned executive order. The "Muslim ban," as it was soon labeled, restricts travel to and from seven different countries in the Middle East where there is a growing threat of Islamic terrorism.

On top of the travel restriction, the ban in question also prevents immigrants and refugees from entering the United States until they undergo "extreme vetting." In response, protests quickly broke out around the country, with various airports being the main target as individuals were being detained inside. In addition, top celebrities at last Sunday night's SAG Awards were vocal in their opposition, which continued during a newly released video, as reported by Entertainment Weekly on February 2.

Staring Amber Heard, Susan Sarandon, Shailene Woodley, and others, some of Hollywood's biggest names took part in a four-minute satirical mockery of Donald Trump, which was produced by "Funny or Die." The premise of the video is that Trump has been working with an alternative Constitution, a take off on the term "alternative facts," which was recently used by Presidential Counsel Kellyanne Conway to describe the administration's falsehoods.

Actress Amber Heard humorously notes that the Constitution protects freedom of religion, but that "Trump’s alt-Constitution goes a bit further than that." "If a handsome, brave, scared president makes an executive order that favors one religion over another, he shall only experience pure ecstasy," Heard goes on to say.

The long list of celebrities rip into the new president, was Susan Sarandon hammering home the point that the billionaire real estate mogul is promoting the idea to "fear outsiders."

Moving forward

Hollywood appears to have made their voice and agenda clear, as the majority of those speaking out are not in favor of Donald Trump or his views. As Trump moves forward with his presidency, it's expected that celebrities will continue to speak out.