Get rid of this doll if you have it in the house, that is what parents everywhere are telling their friends and relatives. The My Friend Cayla Doll is dangerous, really dangerous when it comes to hackers invading your child's privacy, according to the latest reports.

According to Yahoo News, these dolls have embedded Bluetooth technology that not only lets hackers listen to your child when they are around the doll, but it has the capacity for the hacker to talk to your child, which is the dangerous part.

Scary dolls?

The makers of the doll say they are completely safe, yet they offer a disclaimer saying that a child's safety while playing with the doll is the parent's responsibility.

Yahoo News writes that "there's a toy in your daughter's bed that is taking in your nighttime stories, transmitting her every giggle and listening to her every breath." Scary stuff!

Illegal in Germany

PC Magazine and the BBC report that these dolls have been basically deemed illegal in Germany. The parents in Germany have been told to destroy these dolls because of the technology they harbor inside. Some hacker can listen to your child and strike up a friendship while pretending to be the doll talking.

Smart Technology

According to the BBC, the doll contains smart technology and that technology can reveal personal data.The Federal Network Agency that oversees telecommunications has released a warning saying the embedded unsecured bluetooth will allow hackers to not only listen to your child, but to talk to your child as well.

Some say dolls are safe

While Germany is sending out a warning to parents, an organization in the UK doesn't see any reason for alarm. The doll, Cayla "offers no special risk," according to the UK Toy Retailers Association.

Don't talk to strangers

You repeat over and over to your child they should never talk to strangers, yet this doll may allow a stranger into your home through technology and carry on a conversation with your child.

That is a scary thought for any parent today.

According to MSN, this isn't the first toy to have the capability for a hacker to access, as there are other toys out there. They cite, " Amazon's Echo and Google Home were huge hits the past Christmas season. While these devices aren't marketed to children, they are still listening to them—and you."