Is it possible that Spencer Reid will be the next original "Criminal Minds" character to leave the show. Fans will be outraged, considering they have already lost two fan favorites over the last 12 months. The last thing they want is for Dr. Reid to disappear, especially in the current storyline. However, it looks more and more impossible to get him out of jail.

In last week's episode, Reid found himself as the prime suspect in a murder investigation. After chasing an unsub, he was caught and drugged, left for police to find him. As he started to remember flashes, the police found the body of a woman, with only evidence pointing to Reid as her murderer.

"Criminal Minds" fans know that Reid would never do such a thing, but the Mexican police and now the American police don't know that.

Reid can't get help from the BAU

Since Reid was in Mexico on non-official business, he doesn't have the option of BAU help to build a defense for him. There is hope that he will still get one of the best attorneys, since it turns out that Emily Prentiss turns to an old friend who is one of America's best defense attorneys. The problem for Reid is that this new attorney, Fiona Duncan, believes that there is a cover up and the BAU is out to get him. Is it possible that he is the perfect scapegoat?

Reid may plead guilty in 'Criminal Minds' season 12

To help him get a lighter sentence, it is possible that Reid will plead guilty.

However, there will be two things stopping him. The first is that he doesn't have a clear memory of his actions. How can he plead guilty to something that he doesn't really remember or understand? The second is that he is an FBI agent and knows that he shouldn't plead guilty to something that he didn't do. There is a chance that the system will work for him.

Of course, there is a chance that he will face life in prison. If he is extradited back to Mexico, he could face even harsher sentencing. He needs to decide whether he wants to take the risk of being found guilty of a crime that he knows deep down that he didn't do.

Fans will find out what will happen this week. "Criminal Minds" season 12 continues on Wednesdays at 9pm on CBS. Will this be Reid's final storyline?