Since Donald Trump was elected president back in November, celebrities have taken time during various award shows to express their political beliefs. At the 2017 Grammy Awards, Trump was once again the target.

Busta on Trump

Whether it was Meryl Streep at the Golden Globes, or a variety of artists at the SAG Awards, President Donald Trump has been enemy number one when performers have accepted their awards and given their thoughts on the current state of American politics. Over the last two weeks, the biggest story in the news has been the controversial "Muslim ban" executive order, which has since been blocked by a federal judge and the 9th Circuit Court of a Appeals.

Despite this, backlash continues to grow against Trump and his administration, which was evident during Sunday night's Grammys, as reported by Variety on February 12.

One of the top acts at the Grammys was a tribe called quest along with busta rhymes. During the performance, Trump was quickly targeted. "I want to thank President Agent Orange for perpetrating all of the evil that you can perpetrate in the United States," Rhymes said. "I want to thank President Agent Orange for your unsuccessful attempt at the Muslim ban," he continued, before stating, "When we come together, we the people!." At this point, A Tribe Called Quest broke through a makeshift wall, in what appeared to be a symbolic gesture and mockery of Trump's Southern border wall.

Instant reaction

Within moments, Busta Rhymes and company quickly started trending on Twitter. As expected, the reaction was mixed depending on personal politics.

"If you don't know who A Tribe Called Quest are then I envy you because you get the opportunity to listen to them with fresh ears. Enjoy," music producer Herb Lawrence tweeted. Other Twitter users weren't as entertained. "It's funny how 87% of the worlds Muslim population isn't affected by this ban. Get informed please," one Twitter user wrote. As of press time, Donald Trump has not offered an opinion on the remarks made at the Grammys, but it's likely that he will at some point in the future.