Since the day Donald Trump announced his candidacy for president, he instantly became a target for satire and humor. With Trump now in the White House, his entire administration is being highlighted by "Saturday Night Live."

Conway on "SNL"

In recent weeks, Presidential Counsel Kellyanne Conway has been seen in satirical form on "Saturday Night Live" with actress Kate McKinnon playing the role. As Conway continues to make the rounds on cable news and Sunday talk shows, she often finds herself in controversial situations. Recently, the former Trump campaign manager came under fire for using the term "alternative facts" to describe questionable rhetoric coming out of the White House, while also citing the now in famous and nonexistent "Bowling Green Massacre" to justify the "Muslim ban" executive order.

Due to the backlash, Conway was temporarily blocked out of appearing on CNN, which was the highlight of a skit on the latest episode of "SNL." As seen in a February 12 Twitter post, Conway decided to give her thoughts.

On Saturday night, "SNL" ran a skit that played off the film "Fatal Attraction" that saw Kate McKinnon's version of Kellyanne Conway using sex and even the threat of violence against a humorous version of CNN host Jake Tapper. The segment received curious feedback, with even some Donald Trump critics saying it might have crossed the line.

Using her social media account, Kellyanne Conway offered some of her first comments on the segment in question. "Inquiring minds re: #SNL: @jaketapper & I spoke this morning just before brunch time," Conway tweeted, before adding, "No boiling bunnies on the menu." Prior to Conway's comments, the real Jake Tapper also addressed the issue on Twitter, simply replying "Um."

Trump silence

Despite often raging against "Saturday Night Live" in the past, the former host of "The Apprentice" has been quiet in recent weeks. A report released by Politico earlier this week noted that Trump has been so upset with how his administration is being portrayed on the show that he doesn't even want to talk about it in public.