Blac Chyna made the headlines because of her weight. Now she has dropped up to 40 Pounds in just four months. This American female aims to shed more pounds in next six months. For this, she is under the strict supervision of a physical instructor.

Is Blac Chyna pregnant?

Her fans thought that she is pregnant again. No, Blac is not expecting another baby. In fact, she said that she has no plan to become the mother of another kid in the next three years. She looked obese after the delivery of her baby, and that’s why people thought that she is pregnant.

She was just overweight. It is natural that a lady looks fat when she is pregnant, and she cannot get rid of obesity all of a sudden. Thankfully, now she has shed extra pounds and got her confident back.

Photos of Blac went viral

Blac Chyna’s photos went viral on the Internet when she was pregnant. Now the lady has successfully delivered a baby and is focusing on weight loss programs. People circulate her old pictures on social media. Nowadays, she is busy in a workout. Reportedly, she has hired a physical instructor. Chyna does yoga every day, goes for a morning walk, and has controlled her eating habits so that she can lose more weight in the upcoming weeks.

Chyna said, “Some people are posting my previous pictures on Twitter and Instagram.

All those pregnancy rumors are false. For my fans, the good news is that I have Lost 40 pounds, and plan to shed more weight." Blac has a lot of projects in the queue, so she is ready to work hard.

The rumors of Blac Chyna's pregnancy have nothing to do with reality. She was expecting a baby last year amidst her breakup with Rob Kardashian.

In those days, Blac faced a lot of problems. This brave girl did not give up during the tough days. Her baby bump pictures are all false. How could she do workouts with a baby? It makes no sense so her competitors should stop creating a mess for her. These days, Chyna is updating fans regularly about her progress with the exercise through her Twitter and Instagram photos.