After completing his first month in office, Donald Trump has come under fire on a daily basis from the media, including for his recent speech at Cpac and his actions on transgender rights. Backlash soon followed, which was highlighted by comedian Bill Maher on Friday night.

Maher on Trump

To kick off his day on Friday, Donald Trump traveled to CPAC and spent the first part of his speech bashing the media. The president accused the press of pushing "fake news" in an attempt to smear his administration, while once again referring to them as the "enemy of the people." An hour later, several news outlets, including the New York Times, BBC.

the Los Angeles Times, and CNN, were banned from attending a press briefing at the White House. Prior to his speech and media ban, Trump targeted the transgender community in a story that has since dominated the headlines. These issues, and more, were highlighted during the February 24 edition of HBO''s "Real Time with Bill Maher."

Starting off his show with his routine opening monologue was host Bill Maher, and he didn't hold back his thoughts about Donald Trump. "Trump believes men shouldn't' be in the same bathroom as other men peeing unless you are paying for it," Maher said.

Mocking the president, Maher joked, "Back when I was grabbing pu**y, I was only doing it to check who should be in the right bathroom." Maher then targeted Caitlyn Jenner for finally attacking Trump after supporting him in the election. "It looks like he (Trump) lost Caitlin Jenner on this one," he said, before noting, "Bruce Jenner was an idiot, and adding t**s didn't make him a genius."

"People are really getting hurt now.

and they are celebrating this at CPAC," Bill Maher went on to say, hitting Donald Trump for bragging about "fake news" and his crowd size during his speech. "I'll say this about Hitler, at least he put in a little effort," the host said. Maher closed his monologue by attacking back Chief Strategist Steve Bannon, while trolling White House Press Secretary as a "future stroke victim."

Moving forward

While he's only been the commander in chief for just over 30 days, Donald Trump has found a way to turn even more people against him.

In the latest poll released by Quinnipiac University Poll, Trump's approval rating has dropped to 38 percent, with 55 percent disapproving of the job he's done in office. Though it's only been a month, Trump's policies and executive orders have been received negatively by millions of Americans, and it doesn't look like either side is willing to back down anytime soon.