In the two weeks that he's been in the White House, Donald Trump has created daily controversy that has caused many of his critics to lash out. While many have decided to take to the streets and protests the new president, others are going in a different direction, including comedian Bill Maher.

"Real Time" on Trump

When Donald Trump first announced that he was running for president, his candidacy was seen as nothing more than a joke, which would likely simmer and fade away in short time. As the months went by, it appeared that Trump was a serious threat, and soon surprised many by becoming the Republican nominee.

Fast forward to present day and the billionaire real estate mogul is the current commander in chief after pulling off the monumental upset by defeating Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. During Trump's time in office, he's signed several executive orders, including, but not limited to, the so-called "Muslim ban." These issues and more were front and center during the February 3 edition of HBO's "Real Time with Bill Maher."

Host Bill Maher kicked off his show with his routine opening monologue and ripped into Donald Trump. "I'll tell you something, he made gong to the airport shi**ier than it was," Maher said, in regards to the aforementioned "Muslim ban." "He created this 'Muslim ban,' that he called a ban, and his press secretary Sean Spicer called it a ban, then there were protests, and their message is 'we have no idea what we are doing," Maher went on to say.

Not stopping there, Maher went on to mock Trump for his recent controversial phone calls with foreign leaders.

"Finally a president has shown the balls to stand up to are arch enemy Australia," Bill Maher said, trolling Donald Trump for his recent call with the Prime Minister of Australia where the new president hung up the phone after a discussion about the refugee program.

Continuing, the liberal comedian went after the former host of "The Apprentice" for his Twitter threats. "He's threatened to invade Iran, Mexico, Chicago, and today he declared war on la la land," he said.

In closing his monologue, Bill Maher targeted Donald Trump for his ignorance on the African-American community and their history.

"Trump gathered all the black people he knows in one room. He was like a kid showing off his Pokemon cards," Maher said of Trump's Black History Month meeting, noting, "He called it a listening session and he did all the talking." Only Trump can take Black History Month and talk about how he is oppressed," he said.

Next up

Donald Trump has made it clear that he has no intention of changing his style anytime soon, which has been evident during his first two weeks inside 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. While critics like Bill Maher and others continue hold his feet to the fire, the former host of "The Apprentice" is expected to keep the grudge and feud going with the media and those who he doesn't perceive to be on his side.