Bella Thorne is pretty much an open book on social media. The former Disney star has opened up to her dedicated fans about her sexuality, her high-profile relationships, her body hair, and everything else in between. The 19-year-old star has also been honest about her ongoing struggles with acne and how she clears up her skin.

It seems like the "Famous In Love" star is willing to do whatever it takes to have a clear complexion, even if some of the treatments have side effects such as sensitive skin. She is not ashamed when it comes to sharing photos of her makeup free and with a breakout.

Bella Thorne shows her peeling skin on Snapchat

The feisty redhead took to Snapchat to share her latest beauty routine for her acne. Bella Thorne had a Chemical Peel and she has the photos to prove it. In the photos, it looks as if her face is peeling off. She beamed widely into the camera as she showed off her red and shiny face.

In one of the photos, the starlet is seen holding a cold drink and rocking her blue tinted hair. It sure looks like the chemical treatment hurt, but Bella Thorne doesn't appear to be phased by it. The scaly patches were so bad that they fell off from her nose to her chin, so she grabbed a pair of scissors to cut off the remaining layers.

Actress tells fan to think positively

The former "Shake It Up" star told fans that she headed to the Kate Somerville salon in Beverly Hills for her chemical peel ahead of Oscars weekend. These photos come after the actress told a fan not to worry about her acne struggles. It all started when one of Bella Thorne's fans expressed their disappointment over her breakouts.

Then she tried to cheer her up by advising her to focus on better things.

Her skincare regimen for acne-free skin

Bella Thorne has been sharing her acne struggles for years.

Last year, she was announced as the latest face of Burt's Bees, where she got to share her skincare treatment. She admitted that Accutane didn't help her, so she had to figure out skincare alternatives such as Burt's Bees Towelettes, Sisley plant-based cleanser, Tazorac cream, and Kate Somerville products. In fact, she swears by the skincare brand so much that she started going to the salon for regular treatments.