Alright, so according to a new TV Guide article I just dug up, we're going to be seeing that crazy guy, Chad Johnson (left), from the recent "The Bachelorette 2016" with JoJo Fletcher and "Bachelor In Paradise 2016," make yet another return to The Bachelor world when the new 2017 season of "The Bachelor in Paradise" debuts later this year! I honestly can't believe that they're letting him back on, considering the way he left. I mean, they literally had to kick him out with security and everything. He also cussed out host ,Chris Harrison!

It must be for the ratings

The only reason I can come up with for this shocking intel, is freaking ratings. The guy is great for ratings. I can definitely say that I'm actually excited to tune in to see what he does, next. Anyways, TV Guide mentioned that Chad recently gave an interview with the people over at Us Weekly, and revealed the shocking news of his return. He currently doesn't know which ladies he wants to see, show up on the new season. However, he does have a few in mind that are completely based upon looks. Shocking. However, he did also tell them that you actually never know who these women are until you've met them in person. Duh.

He's the only one right now

This, of course, will no doubt, possibly turn off some women from joining this cast as many were extremely offended by his actions last season, and just wanted him out!

As of yet, it appears that Chad is the only confirmed castmember for the new season. Obviously, it's very early ,still, but TV Guide did say there is heavy speculation that the hot blonde nanny, Corinne Olympios, from this season's Bachelor with Nick Viall, could be one of the chicks to show up. If that happens, she'll definitely make things interesting too.

I'd tune in for that, no doubt. And as we all know from her popular clip, her goodies are platinum. I still can't get over that statement. It was funny as hell.

In related news, we're due for the 8th episode of "The Bachelor 2017" tomorrow night, February 20th. It's going to feature the final 4 hometown dates, and things are going to get quite interesting when Nick gets faced with some tough questions and statements from the parents. At one point, one of the fathers refuses to give Nick his blessing. Ooh, not good. Stay tuned.