India and Bollywood are making waves. Deepika Padukone has stolen a march over all other Indian stars including Priyanka Chopra by getting her first Hollywoodod film "xXx the return of Xander Cage" premiered in Mumbai. The hero of the film, Vin Diesel made it to India for the show and was a hit. He appeared on stage in traditional Indian dress and the public loved it. With this release, Deepika is now the topmost female star in Bollywood. She is also the highest paid star in Bollywood as well. Acting opposite Vin Diesel is a feather in her cap and the Hollywood star has gone on record to say that Deepika will the greatest new star of 2017.


During the premiere, it was announced that Deepika will also star in another sequel to this movie. In addition Vin Diesel released a video clip of him carrying Deepika after a shooting session to her trailer. This shows the chemistry between the stars. Vin Diesel jocularly remarked that carrying Deepika after a shooting session was part of the contract.

Deepika Padukone is the first Bollywood star to have got a good break in Hollywood. However, the first star to win a stellar role was IS Johar in 1958 in the movie "Harry Black and theTiger". Deepika has broken many taboos and this has endeared her to the Indian masses. The earlier film in this series with Vin Diese was a box office hit and now the star is back in a sequel after 11 years.

It will be interesting to see how this film fares at the Box office.

Vin Diesel

Vin Diesel is a versatile actor and he regaled the Indians by doing a traditional " Lungi Dance" with Deepika Padukone. With his muscular looks, Vin is sure to carve a niche for himself in India as well. Vin's wearing an Indian dress for the premier was loved by the audience and on stage, it was lovely to see the chemistry between him and his co-star Deepika.

Last word

Bollywood will now await the release of Priyanka Chora's "Baywatch" which is some three months away. It will be interesting to see which of these two stars can establish a lead in show biz.