One of the biggest jaw-droppers of the night at the 74th Golden Globe Awards, which premiered last night, was when Brad Pitt took the stage. The actor has been out of the spotlight recently with his struggle through the devastating divorce from Angelina Jolie. His personal life has been going through a rough patch, but it seems, career-wise, things are looking up. The 53-year-old lit up the stage with his surprise appearance, and looked just as handsome as ever. Many of his Hollywood friends, especially Matt Damon and Vince Vaughn, erupted in applause, cheers, and support for their pal.

He was there to introduce his film 'Moonlight,' which he helped produce

Brad Pitt was there to introduce and show a clip of the film “Moonlight,” a movie which he helped produce, and which went on to win that night for Best Motion Picture for the Drama category. After this win, it seems possible that the film could go on and win Best Picture at the Academy Awards as well. "Moonlight" tells the story of a young black man who struggles throughout his childhood and comes to terms with his sexuality. It has been a hit with the critics, scoring a 98% on Rotten Tomatoes, a 91% from Google users, and an 8.7 on IMDb. The movie stars some well-known names, as well such as Mahershala Ali and Janelle Monáe.

Many viewers took to social media

Many viewers took to social media last night, such as Twitter and Facebook, to continue the admiration for Brad. Many people commented on his good looks and how the divorce did him some good. You can catch the actor in a couple of his upcoming movies, such as "War Machine," and "World War Z 2," which could possibly come out this year.

He was the ultimate winner

When Brad Pitt takes the stage it is hard for anyone not to cheer. It seems the actor enjoyed himself on the podium and really soaked up the applause and praise. There may have been many different winners last night, but Brad looks to be back on track, and back to his winning ways following all of the drama of his recent divorce.