In this week's episode of "The Bachelor," Nick Viall returns to his hometown with some of the contestants of the show on his heels. Waukesha, Wisconsin isn't exactly a name brand town, but he was able to find some entertainment for his dates. One of the solo dates even got to take in a Chris Lane concert!

The performance

The country/pop star had previously stated his affinity for "The Bachelor," so he was eager to perform on the show when given the opportunity. When Nick took Danielle Lombard on a solo date, the surprise became a performance from Chris Lane, a collision of dreams and reality in a somewhat staged set.

Lane only performed one song for the prospective couple, his latest single, titled "For Her." It was released in August and comes from his debut album, "Girl Problems." The lyrics detail the infatuation a man has with a woman, a bond so strong that the man would do anything for her. While that may eventually be the case with Nick and Danielle L., the set-up of "The Bachelor" would suggest the roles are reversed right now.

Aftermath of the performance

The performance ended up being quite the boon for the country star. Not only did Chris Lane accomplish his dream of performing on "The Bachelor," but he also saw his record sales soar through the roof, especially for the song he performed. By Tuesday morning, "For Her" surpassed other country music stars such as Keith Urban and Little Big Town to be the top-selling record on the iTunes country music charts.

This was the second straight week to feature a musical performance after The Backstreet Boys appeared on the show last week.

Meanwhile, Danielle L. finished first in the call-out order at the end of this week, the second straight week she accomplished the feat, making her a large favorite to win "The Bachelor." The co-founder of Crafts Creamery, an ice cream shop in California, Danielle L. has made a large impression on the fans and Nick himself this season. If she wins it all, it's possible that Chris Lane played a part in bringing them together.