Donald Trump has made a name for himself by making outlandish and controversial comments. After the president-elect decided to hit back at a civil rights icon, the backlash came faster than usual.

Trump's Twitter backlash

Whether it's attacking celebrities like Alec Baldwin and the cast of "Saturday Night Live," mocking his political opponents, or targeting a foreign country, Donald Trump doesn't hold back his thoughts, especially when he has a chance to express them on social media. With Inauguration Day now less than a week away, one man who won't be there is Democratic Rep.

John Lewis, who is known as one of the great icons of the civil rights era. After Lewis criticized Trump for not being a "legitimate president," due to the reported Russian election hacking in his favor, the president-elect went on the attack on his Twitter account. In response, celebrities and others responded with anger, as seen across Twitter on January 14.

"DT attacks gold star family,the disabled,intelligence community,press,war hero John McCain,civ.rights hero John Lewis," actor and director Rob Reiner wrote on Twitter Saturday morning, before adding, "DT is not a POTUS." "While it was predictable to imagine Trump criticizing John Lewis, it's impossible to imagine him risking his life for the rights of others," actor Michael Ian Black tweeted.

"This MLK weekend, call your Senators & Reps - leave them messages saying you want them to stand by John Lewis & boycott Trump's inauguration," writer and producer Beau Willimon added.

As time passed on social media, the criticism against Trump only continued.

Hits keep coming

"As Trump slams John Lewis ahead of MLK Day, remember that Lewis risked his life in the '60s while Trump arranged 5 Vietnam draft deferments," Tim O'Brien wrote, the author of "TrumpNation: The Art of being The Donald." Former MSNBC and ESPN host Keith Olbermann also gave his thoughts, hitting back at Donald Trump with strong words of opposition.

"Seriously: this racist, moronic insult from the psychopath @realDonaldTrump must be met with a formal Democratic boycott of the inauguration," Olbermann wrote.

Actor George Takei then chimed in, poking fun at Trump's historically low approval ratings. "Trump's approval ratings are the lowest for ANY incoming president in history," Takei wrote on Twitter, before adding, "Sad!"

Turning the corner

Even with the onslaught of never-ending backlash against him, Donald Trump is just six days away from being sworn into the White House. While Trump is getting ready to be the new commander in chief, it appears that the opposition against him will only continue to grow.