Farrah Abraham isn't the only person "Teen Mom OG" star Amber Portwood is feuding with. Since her flounce from the reality television show, Portwood has been heckled by complaints about her online clothing boutique Forever Haute. The young mom blasted critics who faulted her for shady upselling and poor customer service.

Amber Portwood quits 'Teen Mom OG'

After 8 years and many ups and downs, the 25-year-old is moving out. Portwood felt disrespected by "Teen Mom" staff after her epic brawl with Farrah Abraham. The teen mom landed a punch on her show nemesis when she thought Abraham called her boyfriend Matt Baier a pedophile.

The child molester comment originated with Abraham's on-and-off boyfriend Simon Saran. He was referencing the fact that Baier, 47, hit on several of the teen moms (including Abraham). Portwood then attacked her co-star, hurling names and f-bombs. Amber played the victim when Michael Abraham went after her, even though her boyfriend then went after Farrah's dad. Portwood faults editors for cutting the full reunion scene, but admits to taking the first swing.

"Teen Mom" defends online business

After the fracas, Portwood said "f--k MTV" and walked off "Teen Mom." The now-unemployed ex-reality TV mother started Forever Haute, an online fashion boutique. The ex-TV celebrity was faulted for buying clothing super cheap from other online stores and jacking up the price.

She brags to have had no returns but apparently some items were returned. Amber defended her merchant's reputation against the "lies" and "misunderstandings," explaining that she buys wholesale from distributors and advertises the product accurately. Portwood claims that folks may have seen similar items elsewhere online, but that they are knockoffs.

As far as returns go, the person who made that statement isn't even a customer.

Farrah Abraham doubts Portwood's departure

Regardless of how the online boutique goes, the "Teen Mom" star doesn't buy that Amber Portwood is gone for good. The former "16 and Pregnant" mom says her co-star wouldn't let the others down, and besides, she can't afford to leave the show.

None of the show celebrities, and especially their boyfriends, can afford it, assures Abraham. Matt Baier, 47, might be leaving for a career in music. And Farrah made enough from her porn star career.