JWoww (30) dropped a lot of weight and looks great. The "Jersey Shore" star shared photos on her Instagram account, where her fans can see how thin she is. Surprisingly, she does not follow a special diet. Her perfect body is due to the fact that she trains daily in the gym. She says that being a mother consumes a lot of energy and that also causes her to lose weight. JWoww has two children with her husband Roger Mathews (41): Greyson (2) and baby daughter Meilani (8 months). After giving birth to her second daughter, the reality star became obsessed with getting back in shape.


JWow, whose real name is Jennifer Farley, became famous for having participated in "Jersey Shore," a reality show that depicted the lives of young Italian-Americans who lived in New Jersey. There, she was noted for her beauty and strong personality. The reality star loves fitness but she hates diets. She likes pasta, ice cream, cookies, and chocolate. Sometimes she drinks alcohol, especially when she is with friends. To be in shape, she trains hard every day to compensate for her food intake.

A good housewife

After having known fame thanks to "Jersey Shore," the mom of two was able to start a new life, which she feels satisfied with. She loves being a housewife and decided to create a blog where she shares her experience as a mother.

Her aim is to create empathy with other women who are also mothers of small children. JWoww is a successful businesswoman too, she created her own line of eco-friendly cosmetics, which are also animal-friendly.

JWow is one of the few reality stars that remain very popular in social networks, after having starred in a TV show as successful as hers was.

Her best friend and co-star "Snooki" is participating in the reality show "The New Celerity Apprentice," where she always generates controversy. Another reality star from "Jersey Shore," Pauly D, continues working as a DJ for the most exclusive parties. He is also in "Famously Single" on E!, a reality show dedicated to single celebrities who want to find true love.