Now that Mike Shay and Scheana Marie Shay have revealed that they are over and got a divorce, the stars of "Vanderpump Rules" are starting to speak out about their thoughts. Stassi is talking about how she did see a "red flag" between them and wasn't actually shocked by it.

What big issue did Stassi Schroeder see in their marriage?

Stassi shared that if you keep watching this season of "Vanderpump Rules" then you will see what is going on with Mike and Scheana Marie. She shared that Mike Shay actually backed off from them and didn't really have much to do with them anymore.

Stassi says that the viewers will notice that he isn't around at all and it was pretty obvious to them. Scheana has talked about a few nights where Mike wouldn't even come home and she didn't know where he was at all so she would really be worried about him.

Stassi admits that the fact that Mike Shay wasn't around was a red flag to them, but she didn't realize that they were going to split up. When she heard that they were getting a divorce, she really didn't see that coming. Mike and Scheana Marie did seem like a great couple even through it all.

Now that it is getting to the point on "Vanderpump Rules" where Mike and Scheana are about to split up, the fans will finally get to see some of what went down.

The cameras were rolling for all of it, and it doesn't sound like they are going to hold back on film. Scheana has shared more than once that you will get to see what goes down on the show. It is going to be interesting to watch it all unfold. Of course, Scheana Marie will still be on the show, and Mike will be moving on from the series after their split.

It would be pretty surprising if he is seen on the show at all after they are over.

Are you shocked to hear that Stassi Schroeder noticed that there was something going on between Mike Shay and Scheana Marie Shay? Did you think that this couple would end up making it work? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss new episodes of "Vanderpump Rules" on Monday nights on Bravo.