The script for the upcoming "Uncharted" movie is fully complete. The announcement was made by the writer attached to the project, Joe Carnahan via an Instagram post on Sunday. The movie is based on Sony's successful video game series of the same name.

Carnahan said in his Instagram post, "Done and dusted. Now the REAL work begins. If there's a more monstrously cool action script in Hollywood right now, I wanna see it, 'cuz this thing is a BEAST." Carnahan has worked on a number of movies in the past, including "Smokin' Aces," "The A-Team," and "The Grey." Despite the script's completion, there are no other details about the movie or any names of actors involved.

A rocky start

The development of the "Uncharted" movie has been rough, to say the least. The completion of the script is a big step forward for the project given what has happened in the past. The movie has tried several times to get off the ground as far back as 2010, only to fall apart. The project has passed through several hands, and at one point, Mark Wahlberg was even linked to being involved with the movie. The project was slated for a 2016 release, but the movie was pulled from Sony's release calendar and thrown back into limbo.

Another video game movie

Here we go again with another shot at a video game movie. As gamers are well aware of, video game movies do not typically do very well on the big screen.

Hollywood keeps trying, but the result is usually the same. The most recent shot at silver screen success was with "Assassin's Creed." Expectations were high, but, unfortunately for "Assassin's Creed," it was another miss for movie adaptations of Video Games.

Despite past failures, "Uncharted" is one of the few video game series that has a legitimate chance of breaking the stereotype.

The writing and storytelling in the series is some of the best in the games industry. The games are often referred to as playable movies given the high production value of every detail in each game. The series is about as close to a movie as a game can be. No other details have been released about the movie, but now that there is a completed script, more details are sure to come soon.