French actress Anne Carrere portrayed legendary French singer Edith Piaf at Carnegie Hall in New York City at the exquisite Stern Auditorium. The show took place on Jan. 6, and this marked her debut performance at this iconic venue. It was written and produced by Gil Marsalla, and it pays homage to the Oscar-winning film "La Vie En Rose." Carrere has performed this show in over 30 countries, and ironically enough, it is a celebration of the 60th anniversary of Edith Piaf's debut at the Carnegie Hall stage in New York.

She was joined by four talented instrumentalists, which included Philippe Villa on piano, Guy Giuliano on accordion, Daniel Fabricant on double bass, as well as Laurent Sarrien on xylophone.

All of these musicians were a part of her act, and they were equally noteworthy.

Act I

"Piaf! The Show" was divided into two acts. The first part deals with the early life of Piaf as a nightclub singer, and Carrere delivered in the role. She performed such songs as "L'Accordéoniste" and "Les Mômes de la Cloche," among many others in French.

Act II

After a brief intermission, the powerhouse portion of the show took place, where Carrere belted out Piaf's greatest hits such as "Mon Manege A Moi," "Jezebel," "Padam," "Mon Dieu" and her classic love song, "La Vie En Rose," where she interacted well with the fans in the Carnegie Hall audience, especially the men. "Non, je ne regrette rien" and "Milord" were her closing numbers, both of which earned her standing ovations for a spell-binding performance.


In summation, "Piaf! The Show" was an excellent production from start to finish. There was a feeling of nostalgia in Carnegie Hall's Stern Auditorium. Anne Carrere was able to sustain the audience's attention for the entire duration of the show. Her voice was powerful and captivating, and she did Piaf's classic tunes justice. It was a true labor of love for all actors involved. It is highly recommended for any fans of the late Edith Piaf, her music and legacy.

Rating: A.