Two weeks ago, 31-year-old Onision was in the News for his recent change in video style. The popular YouTube star has started a series on his channel where he rates his subscribers and provides opinions on their appearance. Many people took issue with his harsh approach to the videos, along with the fact that most of his audience is female and underage. Onision has featured girls as young as 12-years-old in his videos, and has no problem telling his fans if he considers them fat or unattractive.

His home life was also brought into question since he started dating his now wife when she was 17.

He also currently has two teenagers living in his house. Billiedawnwebb, a 19-year-old Internet personality, currently has a romantic and sexual relationship with Onision and his wife. She and Sarah, a 16-year-old girl that Greg met on Twitter, have been staying in his home for months.

Greg lashes out

Onision's response to the accusations has been extremely volatile. He's called people who question his choices "social justice warriors" and released a 14-minute rant video in response to Blaire White, a fellow YouTuber who decided to publicly call out his behavior.

Onision also claimed in a video that he decided to stop making videos where he rated subscribers, but he quickly went back on that decision within the next few days.

Since then, Onision has released a new video nearly every day, most of which still include underage girls.

Greg takes a test

Today, Onision uploaded a new video as an attempt to prove his innocence. In the video, Greg takes an online survey that's meant to answer whether or not a person is a pedophile. The video is 5 minutes long and ends with Onision finding out that he scored well on the test.

Currently, his video has nearly 50,000 views, 2,612 likes, and 156 dislikes.

This isn't the only way that Onision has tried to defend his behavior. He's also used his Twitter account to retweet several of his supporters who claimed that he and his videos have helped their body image.