Per the show's tradition, the contestants on "The Bachelor" don't generally meet said bachelor prior to the first meeting on the show. This year, one contestant broke with that tradition, as Liz had a prior, but brief fling with Nick before the filming of the show. In a sneak peek of an upcoming episode, Nick questions her past as openly as fans of the show have been since its season premiere.

Sneak peek stunner

In a sneak peek for Monday's episode of "The Bachelor," Nick confronts Liz about their shared past, which includes a one-night stand at the wedding of some mutual friends.

After the fling, the two did not see each other or contact each other again, leading Nick to believe there was no connection between the two. Her appearance on the show seems to suggest she felt otherwise.

"The Bachelor" asks Liz why he never heard from her, or why she did not ask for his number if she felt a connection deep enough to appear on the show. She tries to explain it away by citing how busy Nick must've been with his other shows and commitments, a response Nick appears to brush off in the episode. Nick then turns to the camera in a confessional, saying "I can't help but wonder if Liz just wanted to use our past to be on TV." Monday night is sure to be an explosive episode of "The Bachelor."

Will their past doom their future?

On a show such as "The Bachelor," it's in the producers' best interests to keep Liz around for as long as possible.

Unlike any other contestant, she provides built-in drama that existed prior to the commencement of the show. Each episode that delves into their past promises to provide intrigue, with that intrigue providing ratings.

The fact of the matter is that there's no connection between "The Bachelor" star and Liz. He made that abundantly clear when he seemingly didn't acknowledge knowing her in the premiere, before becoming dismayed during their follow-up meeting. A near-future episode should bring a swift demise to her time on the reality television competition.