Hey, "Young And The Restless" peeps. Happy Friday, and you know what that means? It's time to drop some Monday, January 9th, 2017 episode spoiler bombs on you! Boom! And here we go. We've got three intriguing and pretty shocking storyline scoops for you guys. They come by way of our reliable Soaps.com friends. TV Guide fell asleep today. They don't usually have theirs ready until Sunday, so we won't be hearing from them today. Anyways, we've got Ashley looking pretty damn shocked to see Ravi and Phyllis associating at Jabot. Lauren will apparently be making some confessions to Michael, and more.

Something's going down at Jabot

Lets go ahead and start these opening week teasers with this little triangle situation that involves Phyllis, Ravi and Ashley. Our sources are telling us that in Monday's episode, Ravi and Phyllis will be doing something in Ashley's old office at Jabot. It might be something as simple as just talking or whatever. I don't know, because they didn't elaborate on that.

However, they did say that Ashley is going to show up, at some point, and will be very shocked to see them there. The question is will she be shocked that they're just there, or by what they're doing while they are there? Those are going to be some questions that I'm very interested in finding out. Whatever the case, this scenario sounds like a very interesting development.

What is this all about?

Next, we learn that a pretty shocking meeting is going to take place between Jack and Gloria at some point. Unfortunately, we couldn't find an elaboration on this scoop, so we don't know who wanted to talk to who, or who scheduled this get-together, but it's going to be damn interesting to see what they have to say to one another.

She finally comes clean

Then in our last scoop for this session, it turns out that Lauren is going to have some moment of enlightenment that tells her maybe she shouldn't just keep spewing out lies at Michael all the time, as it's described that she is going to finally come clean with him and tell him that she has not been honest with him.

How will Michael react to this startling revelation? Will this effect their marriage? Oh, the questions. So many questions. We can only hope that some of them get answered as quickly as possible.

Alright, guys. That's all I've got for you, today, but be sure to check the show's official Youtube channel later on today, because I know they will have a new spoiler/promo clip prepared for you, which will certainly deliver some extra details about Monday's installment. Stay tuned.