Hey, "Young And The Restless" fans. You made it guys. You made it to the weekend. That means it's spoiler time for Monday's upcoming January 16th,2017 episode. Our Soaps.com sources served up quite a few storyline scoops that include some very intense and interesting stuff as Jack gets informed by Jill that Hilary is on her crap list. Victoria catches Billy redhanded, and more.

Lily's making a comeback

Lets go ahead and get these Monday teasers, started off with this Lily plotline. It turns out that she's really going to decide that modeling is the thing for her as they describe that she will actually be returning to the modeling field.

Will she experience a welcoming return? How long will she stick with it this time? Those are a couple of questions that come to mind for that scenario.

Hilary's on the outs with her

Next, we learn that ole Jill has decided that Hilary is definitely not worth her time and doesn't deserve any kind of forgiveness as it's described that she is going to go out of her way to make sure Jack knows that she will not be forgiving Hilary anytime soon, if ever! Will Hilary actually give a damn? Will Jack give a damn? Heck, will anybody give a damn besides Jill? Right now, all we know is that Jill has made up her mind to close Hilary off for good. We'll just have to wait and see if time can soften Jill up on this matter.

What will her answer be?

Elsewhere, we've got Hilary put in a pretty precarious position when she faces a question that's raised by Devon. Apparently, he's going to ask her why the hell she wasn't in the car with him when he almost met his demise. How will she answer this? Will she tell him the truth? Those are some pretty interesting questions for this situation.

I do know that given what happen, Hilary is definitely happy she wasn't in that damn car or else she would've been laid up in the hospital or dead. Take that, Devon.

She sees it

Anyways, in the final storyline reveal for this episode, it turns out that we're going to see Billy get into some deep heat with Victoria at some point, because it's described that she is going to bust him in the act of whatever he's he's doing.

I say it like that, because I don't know what the hell she's going to catch him doing. They don't give any extra details about that, so the question is: What will Victoria see him doing? Will Billy have a good reason prepared for her? Or will he just go ahead and actually tell her the truth? It's certainly going to be interesting to see how this plays out. Stay tuned.