Hey, "Vikings" fans. We're back in action to deliver the new, official spoilers for the upcoming episode 18 of season 4 for your favorite show. Unfortunately, the History Channel would only cough up two, very small storyline scoops for this one. Anyhow, we'll make the most of it, I guess. They sound pretty interesting as we'll be seeing Ragnar's plan get brought into fruition. Then we've got a land called Northumbria that will be coming into play as the Vikings decide it's a good place to land on.

"Revenge" is what they went with

We were also given a title for this one.

It turns out that the producers had vengeance on their mind when naming it as it's called: "Revenge." That's right. We can't tell from the scoops if their some major revenge plots going on in this one, but if the title serves as any indication of what we'll see, there probably will something along those lines, get featured.

Things come together

As for the main synopsis teasers, here's what we can, with out a doubt, share with you. It turns out that we're going to see Ragnar finally have some success with one of his raggedy missions as they describe that one of his plans is going to finally come to fruition. Again, they provided no elaboration or extra details as to what this significant plan is all about.

I guess the questions to be answered here, will be: what does this plot entail? Who will it effect? and so on and so forth. Hopefully, this installment will provide a little more insight for us, but for now, we'll just have to leave it as it is, which is just a vague description of what Ragnar is currently up to.

They found a spot

Next, in this final teaser, we learn that the Vikings are going to finally find a place to rest or land on for a while, or not. Who knows? What we do know, is that their current resting spot is going to have them landing on the coast of a place, called Northumbria. What is Northumbria like? Will the Vikings run into any trouble there?

Or will they find a really good time, filled with beautiful women, food and drink? These are all very reasonable questions that we hope to see get answered very soon.

Alright, guys. That is going to do it for this week's Vikings spoiler madness session. If you want to find some additional entail for this episode, which I know you probably are, be sure to lookout for their latest promo/spoiler clip that should be showing up after episode 17 airs, or a couple of days after. Also we can confirm that the 18th installment is ,indeed, set to air next Wednesday night, January 18th, 2017 at 8pm central time. Stay tuned.