Hey, "Bold And The Beautiful" folks. Welcome to the middle of the week. We've got two more very interesting spoiler teasers for the upcoming Thursday January 19th,2017 episode. It turns out that Wyatt will try to have yet another conversation with Steffy about their marriage and future. Also, Quinn is going to start having a newfound appreciation for Eric after hanging out with Ridge for a while, and more.

He's still obsessed

We'll go ahead and jump-start this session with the Steffy and Wyatt stuff. It turns out that we're going to see him, wanting to still discuss a future and marriage with her as our Soaps.com folks, describe he will invite her over to his place to have a deep conversation about their future and marriage.

Our Soapcentral.com sources, tell us that Wyatt will definitely be clinging on, and not want to give up on their marriage, which is why this conversation is even happening.

They didn't reveal whether Steffy will start buying whatever he's selling. We just know that for now, he's going to be trying to sell it hard to her, so it's going to be very interesting to see how she'll end up, responding to it. Will she actually entertain his obsessive thoughts? Or will she try to tell him it's really over? I hope these questions finally get answered soon. We know Liam definitely isn't liking this BS.

Maybe Eric isn't that bad after all

Next, in this final teaser, we've got this Quinn situation. Apparently, she's in the midst of taking a trip to San Francisco with Ridge.

And judging by this description, it sounds like she's going to possibly not have as good a time with him as she previously thought, because they describe that she will form a much greater appreciation for Eric after it's all said and done.

Unfortunately, they didn't elaborate on what exactly causes Quinn to have this new enlightenment about Eric, so we'll just have to wait and see what exactly happens to cause this shift in her opinion.

Does Ridge treat her bad in some way? Or does she feel like she gets along better with Eric? Those will be a couple of important questions for this particular situation. Hopefully, they'll get answered in this episode. Stay tuned.