610-lb Cynthia Wells had a lot of blame to dispense after weight loss fails on Season 5 of "My 600-lb Life." Most of it was aimed at Dr. Younan Nowzaradan. The single mom of 5 faulted the bariatric surgeon for her initial weight gain, which postponed gastric bypass surgery. She complained that travel costs made her eat the wrong foods. Dr. Now prescribed therapy to treat her unhealthy food relationship which Wells called "bulls--t." Now, Cynthia's ready to quit the reality show after it picked up the tab for her expensive surgery.

Obese mom fails weight loss goals

Perhaps not surprising after all the blaming, Wells only lost 156 pounds in the first year after surgery. The care team agrees it's because she won't participate in her own treatment. The most successful patients take responsibility for their health, like Amber Rachdi, the "My 600-lb Life" celebrity of season 3, who dropped 420 pounds. 156 pounds may seem like a lot, but it's only one quarter of Wells' body weight and still morbidly obese. It also fits earlier pattern behavior of gaining weight when she needed to lose. The 43-year-old said the bariatric surgeon made a big deal of her gaining "four f--king" pounds in a month. But it's his fault, not hers.

Cynthia Wells blames 'My 600-lb Life' for failed weight loss

That 4-lb gain came at a time when weight loss was critical. The doctor couldn't safely perform the gastric bypass surgery unless she got to a target weight. Patients must also prove that they will eat healthier. If they don't amend diet, the surgery will be a waste and a gastric sleeve could kill them.

But like Penny Saeger from a past season, Cynthia has excuses for everything. The now 614-lb woman had to pay her own travel costs and didn't have enough money to eat healthy. She had to eat "what she could" (junk food, greasy drive-thru burgers, fries, and fast food). Wells was furious that weight gain canceled surgery after she wasted all the money to get there.

Cynthia Wells to flounce off 'My 600-lb Life'?

Dr. Nowzaradan set up group counseling sessions after bariatric surgery to help Cynthia deal with comfort eating. Wells says she's not an emotional eater and quit sessions. Amid a torrent of f-bombs, she said the doctor needs to get her the help she needs, not waste her time and money on therapy. Cynthia Wells' obesity has prevented her from ever seeing her 12-year-old daughter's dance recitals. The children do housework and cooking and care for their mother. The realization that she was hurting her children is what sent Cynthia for help. Will she lose weight and reverse those roles back to normal before it's too late? The team seriously doubts it while she is still in so much denial. But they also know she's a tough cookie who can do this thing if she puts her mind to it.