Mariah Carey famously flaunts her assets at all times. But her latest playdate selfie with Beyonce and their children shows obsession bordering on disorder. The diva pushed out the kids to show off her cleavage. Carey exposed so much that the pic trips Internet pornography filters. Mariah's twins Monroe and Moroccan and Beyonce's daughter Blue Ivy were overshadowed by Carey's boobs which aren't even real but plastic surgery modified. Fans were also surprised to see the "All I Want for Christmas" singer sharing the spotlight as her jealousy of other divas is as legendary as her ever-visible chest.

Mariah Carey too much of a good thing

Celebrities sport skin, fans appreciate that. Kanye West and Kim Kardashian have exploited nude into a fashion statement. What's worrying folks about Mariah is timing and preoccupation. Beyonce dresses seductively too but not for a playdate. Mariah dresses like a porn star all the time. What is this teaching her kids? She also lies, fakes and cheats--saying her weight loss is down to diet when it's really cosmetic surgery. And what that diet consists of is odd too--smoked salmon and capers only. That's an anorexia menu.

Mariah Carey pathologically jealous, insecure?

The singer is known for spatting with other celebs like Nicki Minaj. Mariah claimed not to know who Jennifer Lopez is.

The Reality TV queen even stated she was jealous of starving children in Africa because they were so skinny. Then there's her photoshopping habit. Does she struggle so with body image and obesity fears that she must erase herself to feel sexy? Her surreal self-absorption on "Mariah's World" of delusion is quickly turning fans away.

Marey Carey heading for crack up?

Some folks worry about the reality television star being delusional. Self fat-shaming, jealousy, obsession with weight loss, compulsive lying, eating disorder problems, fad diets, and even frequent plastic surgery all point to serious mental health concerns. After the split with James Packer and the divorce from the twins' dad Nick Cannon, is the "Mariah's World" star headed for a breakdown? So the singer likes to show her sexy figure, but will her obsession damage her career, family, and eclipse her talent?