Leah Remini has been an outspoken opponent of the Church of Scientology since she left in 2012. Her hit docu-series on A&E, "Leah Remini: Scientology & The Aftermath" has brought many issues to light that the church would have preferred to keep secret. Week after week Leah and Mike Rinder have traveled the country to visit with other ex-Scientologists to hear their stories. Viewers have heard about emotional abuse, as well as horrific physical abuse. There have been stories of required abortions and covering up rape. Heartbreaking stories have been told of families being ripped apart through disconnection imposed by the church.

An attorney for the Church of Scientology speaks out

Recently an attorney for the Church of Scientology, Monique Yingling sat down for an interview on ABC's "20/20." She bluntly says the church wishes that Leah would focus on something other than them, and simply move on. They accuse her of making up stories about the church as a way of getting fame and profit for herself. Also, the ex-members who are being interviewed by her and Mike Rinder are accused of having told some version of their lies for years. The attorney is not giving an ounce of credibility to any of the stories that have been aired, and, in fact, says they have caused the public to feel they have to take action. The action the church is seeing, they claim, is in the form of death threats targeting church leader, David Miscavige.

How is Remini responding?

In that same episode of "20/20," Leah Remini is interviewed as well. She makes it clear that she is far from done with the Church of Scientology. She plans to continue until the IRS takes away the tax exempt status of the church. As for the church's claims that she is in it for profit, the actress correctly states that she doesn't work for free and is earning her income in the demanding role of the series.

The docu-series finale is set to air next week. Leah Remini is hoping for a second season. She has more to expose and is in negotiations with A&E to see that happen.

The "20/20" interviews will air on ABC next Friday night, January 13th.