Ever since becoming the campaign manager for Donald Trump last August, Kellyanne Conway has become a household name. On "Saturday Night Live" this weekend, Conway had an entire skit dedicated to her.

SNL on Conway

After Paul Manafort was forced to step down as campaign manager over his questionable financial ties to Russia, Donald Trump decided to let Repubican pollster Kellyanne Conway lead the way. During the course of the rest of the campaign, Conway would make a name for herself by appearing on various cable news channels, and the Sunday talk shows.

Conway became known for finding a way to avoid answering direct questions, while constantly defending the billionaire real estate mogul regardless of the issue at hand. In response, "Saturday Night Live" has often mocked Conway, with actress Kate McKinnon playing the role. As seen on "Saturday Night Live" on January 22, Conway was roasted once again.

In a fictional skit of a CNN interview, the SNL version of Kellyanne Conway was interviewed by her Jake Tapper counter-part. When McKinnon, as Conway, was asked if Trump's ties to Russia was a concern, she quickly deflected. "No it's not. The thing to remember about Russia is that we won," McKinnon said, while adding, "I don't know why you keep bringing up Russia."

The satirical Kellyanne Conway continued to avoid the questions, until the skit took a drastic turn.

McKinnon then took part in a mini-musical, complete with backup dancers which focused on Conway's recent rise in name recognition.

SNL inauguration

Prior to the Kellyanne Conway skit, "Saturday Night Live" took at shot at the Donald Trump inauguration. With the fictional Russian President Vladimir Putin starring in the show's cold open, SNL poked fun at the small crowd size, and the new president's relationship with the Kremlin.

As of press time, neither Trump nor Conway have responded to the show, but considering recent trends, it's likely that they will offer their thoughts at some point in the near future.

Next up

Despite the growing backlash, Donald Trump and his administration are now in the White House. As for Kellyanne Conway, she has recently signed on to become presidential counsel, now that her duties as campaign manager have been completed.