It took just one day before Donald Trump lashed out at the media for how they have reported on his administration. After reports confirmed that Trump's inauguration crowd turned out to be less than expected, the new president and his press secretary were not happy.

Trump backlash

"We had a massive field of people," Donald Trump said while speaking at the CIA headquarters in Virginia Saturday afternoon. Trump spent a considerable amount of time pushing back at his low crowd numbers, while blasting the media for reporting that only 250,000 attended his inauguration.

"It's a lie," Trump said of the report. Not long after Trump made his comments, Sean Spicer held his first press conference, where he also criticized the media, labeling them "shameful and wrong," for trying to "minimize the enormous support" for the new commander in chief. As seen across Twitter on January 21, backlash quickly followed.

"Breaking News: Sean Spicer is an idiot," author Stephen King wrote on Twitter. "Trump inaugural address widely panned; crowds 1/3 of Obama's; no A-list celebrities; anarchists burning stuff," CNN's Ana Navarro tweeted, while adding, "Other than that, it was great."

Actor George Takei also gave his thoughts, pile on his criticism of Donald Trump.

"Trump just sent his Press Secretary out to lie about the numbers at his inauguration," Takei wrote, while stating, "Guess all those pictures of must be fake, too. SAD!"

Continued opposition

"Enough with the #%*&ing crowd size," MSNBC host Joe Scarborough sent out on Twitter.

Fellow MSNBC host, Mika Brzezinski followed up Scarborough's tweeted in similar fashion. "Sean Spicer's first hostage video...that was pathetic," she wrote, also adding, "Embarrassing. Bad. Just bad."

Conservative founder of "The Weekly Standard," Bill Kristol, added his thoughts.

"It is embarrassing, as an American, to watch this briefing by Sean Spicer from the podium at the White House. Not the RNC. The White House," Kristol wrote.

Moving forward

Even with the backlash against him, Donald Trump is still the 45th President of the United States. As long Trump continues to act as if he is campaigning, his critics are likely to pile on. After millions took part in various protests on Saturday, the opposition to the new administration doesn't look to be slowing down anytime soon.