Heather Dubrow has officially revealed that she is going to be quitting "The Real Housewives of Orange County." Now the rumors are flying about why she quit the show. Radar Online shared what a source is saying about why Heather moved on from reality television.

Source reveals Heather is doing this for Terry

A source is now speaking out and says that the reason that Heather Dubrow quit the reality show after five seasons was to keep her marriage on track. Everyone knows that her husband Terry Dubrow is really busy. They have four children together Katarina, 9, Collette, 6, and twins Nicholas and Maximillia, 12.

Terry and Heather got married in 1999, and she will do anything she can to keep her marriage together.

The source said, "After Heather’s marriage became a central focus last season on the show, it really caused issues with her and Terry." Everyone that watches "RHOC" knows that Terry and Heather had a few fights last season and they just don't want that to happen on television. A lot of couples end up divorced after they are on reality television.

The thing is Heather, and Terry Dubrow are loaded. They do not need to stay on reality television so that they can get the paycheck like some people do. The source went on to reveal that they don't want to end up divorced because they stayed on reality television.

That is allegedly part of the reason that Heather left the show.

Us Magazine shared that Heather Dubrow actually said she left the show because of her children. Heather said that her older children are now teenagers and she wants them to have a chance to decide if they want to be on television or not. Heather did admit to being a little bit sad about leaving the show.

Hopefully, she will show up from time to time and fans can still keep up with what she is doing.

Do you believe that Heather Dubrow is really quitting the show because of wanting to save her marriage? Do you think that she made the right decision? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss "The Real Housewives of Orange County" when it returns to Bravo.