During a recent interview with Elle, Kit Harington was questioned about his sexual escapades with Ygritte, his Wildling paramour on "Game of Thrones" with whom he lost his fictional virginity. This got him talking about his actual first sexual experience which was, according to Kit, “a little less left-field than in a cave.” Interestingly Rose Leslie, who plays Ygritte on “Game of Thrones,” is now his actual girlfriend, following her character’s demise in season four, but it turns out his first real sexual experience was not quite as epic.

Kit Harington lost his virginity at a party

While not epic, Harington said the experience was a spontaneous decision, and that it was a typical teenage thing, which happened at a party. As reported by the Daily Mail, he said he was probably too young, but he thinks the girl in question and himself both just wanted to do it. Kit added that when it comes to losing your virginity, you either wait and do the whole thing right, or if you are as young as they were, you just decide to “get the monkey off your back.” While he didn’t reveal his actual age at the time, the interviewer guessed at 13, and was told this wasn’t far off.

Now 30 years of age, the British-born star has come a long way from his teenage fumblings.

While he and Rose didn’t make it to the SAG Awards, where the show was nominated for Best Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series, he did open up more about falling in love as himself - not Jon Snow, but Kit. Harington and his gal couldn’t make it to the awards as he has been busy filming the much longed-for season seven of #GOT in Belfast and Iceland.

However in an interview last year with Vogue Italia he said he fell in love with Rose in Iceland, among the magical Northern Lights, adding that if you are already attracted to someone, and then play their love interest in a TV show, it is very easy to fall in love.

Kit Harington and other roles besides #GOT

Besides working on “Game of Thrones,” Kit has been a busy boy, working with Dakota Fanning on the upcoming Western movie “Brimstone.” He also mentioned that he is interested in trying out more serious roles in the future, as well as a little comedy, but added that it shouldn’t necessarily be romantic comedy.

He did stress that he would prefer to play someone who is really “f----d up” and who is right on the edge. It seems he is trying to avoid the dangers of being typecast as the dark and brooding character the ladies love in GOT.

While the trailer for "Brimestone" doesn't show quite enough of our hero, you can enjoy a sneak peak below.