Singer and actress Marie Osmond has come out to deny allegations that she would perform at President-elect Donald Trump’s Inauguration.

Were Osmond’s comments taken out of context?

Osmond has denied claims that she said that she would be set to perform at the Inauguration on Twitter, although she had highlighted the fact that she would not be involved, “no matter who won!,” suggesting that her action was coming out of an attempt to be politically neutral rather than directly attack Trump.

The media spread a story claiming that Osmond would be interested in performing at the Inauguration after an interview with Yahoo Finance had been posted online, with some second-hand reports going so far as to claim that she was actually going to perform.

In the interview in question, however, Osmond denied even having been asked to perform at the ceremony, and said that she would not want to out of a desire not to take a “political stance,” highlighting the fact that she has friends and family on both sides of the political spectrum.

'Apolitical' stance taken as 'a political' stance

Osmond also said that she desires unification among the American people, and said that she felt it was “wrong” not to support the President, in a general sense. While intended to reflect her politically neutral stance, it is likely these comments were taken out of context to suggest otherwise. Osmond had notably received backlash over these assumptions, with many people criticizing her on Twitter under the misconception that she was performing.

Osmond has performed for other presidents in the past, such as Ronald Reagan, in addition to performing USO shows. Added to that, she also is known to take children involved with the Children's Miracle Network Hospitals charity, of which she is a co-founder, on trips to the White House, allowing them to meet the President. In a released statement, she focused on the fact that she has done this, no matter who's in charge at the White House.

Osmond's official Twitter post can be seen below: