Eden Sassoon had her claws out on Twitter over the weekend. She was battling the All About the Tea blog regarding some of their comments. In fact, she had her group of friends and fans attack the people who she felt wronged her.

What's the scoop on Eden Sassoon?

She joined the "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" in a friend capacity this season. Apparently, she has known Kim Richards since the '80s. Her sister did a lot of partying with Richards and ultimately ended up dying. While the conversation didn't exactly lead up to that, it was brought up anyhow.

She is only in a friend capacity, meaning she will be seen minimally. For someone who is only a part-timer at best, she has sure rocked the boat in the social media world.

Is she using family as her meal ticket?

Accusations were flying that Eden Sassoon is using her dead sister as a way to keep in the spotlight. On top of that, her father was Vidal Sassoon, the hair god. Her connections this season are odd, almost as if she doesn't fit in with the other girls. Kim Richards is no longer a full-time housewife and after all of the drama between her and Lisa Rinna, it is probably for the best, anyway.

With more of her story being told soon, Eden Sassoon is full of mystery. All fans know is that her sister was a drug addict and her father was a huge part of the hair world decades ago.

It will be interesting to see how well the ladies bond with Eden, though it is rumored that nothing good happens between them.

Stories swirled that Lisa Rinna and and Eden Sassoon were feuding, though the encounter from last Tuesday night was pleasant. As the season progresses, more intensity will come along. The introduction of Eden was interesting and short.

More of her has been promised in the future, but for now, all that fans have to go on is the encounter with Rinna and Erika Girardi from last week, and the Twitter rage she displayed this past weekend.

The idea that Eden Sassoon isn't who she says she is has been circulating over and over again. As more is shown, the truth will come to light.