Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have had to deal with their share of scandals over the past few years and just when things seemed to be quieting down, another sex scandal has surfaced. It's been more than 18 months since TLC canceled the family's Reality TV show, "19 Kids and Counting," a decision that was made after the couple's oldest son, Josh Duggar, admitted that he was once investigated for molesting underage girls. One month after the show was taken off the air, Josh admitted that he was unfaithful to his wife after Gawker reported that the married father of four was a member of a website that promotes adultery.

Despite an outpouring of online protests, the Duggars (minus Josh) returned to TV in December 2015. TLC created a new show — "Counting On" — that focuses on the lives of Jill and Jessa as well as several of their siblings that is now in its third season. While Jim Bob and Michelle aren't the stars of the show, they still make appearances on the show and actively update fans on social media.

A new scandal surfaces

Although many fans have remained loyal to the family, there are still many who are still up in arms because TLC allowed the family to return to TV despite Josh's scandals. Now the family is facing yet another sex scandal that is putting the controversial Duggar family back in the headlines.

This time, it's not about one of Jim Bob and Michelle's children, but it's someone who is very close to the family. Tabitha Pain, who works as a full-time tutor for the youngest Duggar children, recently got engaged to Timothy Robertson, a convicted sex offender.

Jim Bob and Michelle were so excited that their tutor got engaged that they hosted an engagement party for the couple in their home.

And it wasn't like they didn't know Robertson had a record — he tells Life and Style that he's "an open book" about his criminal past. Robertson was reportedly convicted on charges of criminal sexual conduct in the third degree back in 2000. He received a three-year suspended sentence and probation. Several years later he was pardoned for his crime.

Tabitha is very close to the Duggars

Prior to her engagement, Tabitha lived in the Duggar's home live-in tutor, telling fans on the Paine Family Blog that she didn't only tutor the kids, she was there 24/7 to take part in "the family’s work, and fun activities during the weekends and evenings." Jim Bob and Michelle haven't commented publicly about Tabitha's fiance's past, but welcomed him into their home for an engagement party — perhaps they could relate to his issues after dealing with Josh's scandal.

Robertson tells L&S that he's "not hiding" anything and was rather dismissive about the whole thing when he said it was "just something that happened." He went on to say that the Duggars are a "fabulous family" and apparently doesn't think the charges matter anymore because, due to the pardon, his "past has been cleaned."

Although he was pardoned, Robertson did plead guilty to 3rd degree sexual assault charges. Do you think Jim Bob and Michelle should allow him around their children?