Hours after Donald Trump met with top members of the intelligence community in regards to the latest information about Russia's hack into the DNC, the president-elect cast his doubt. In response, Trump was mocked on social media for his denial, including from some celebrities.

Trump's celebrity problem

In the aftermath of the election, new information continues to be released, showing how Russia hacked the Democratic National Committee (DNC) with the goal of getting Donald Trump elected. Last month, The Washington Post broke the bombshell story that revealed the results of a secret investigation by the CIA.

That investigation concluded that Russia hacked into the election, which has since been confirmed by the FBI and the Obama administration. Trump was made aware of all of these details during the aforementioned meeting, but still expressed doubt in a statement saying the hack had "absolutely no effect on the outcome of the election." In response, several celebrities took aim at the president-elect on their Twitter account on January 7, and didn't hold back their thoughts.

"Mr. Trump: It's time to denounce what Russia and Putin did, even if it helped you win," actor George Takei wrote on Twitter, adding, "Believe it or not, this is more than just about you." In a follow-up tweet, Takei noted, "Trump's refusal to accept U.S.

intelligence on Russian election interference shows he knows his win is tainted--and taints him even further."

"We'll, DT didn't fully accept intel community briefing on Russian hack," actor and director Rob Reiner posted on Twitter, before noting, "We can now safely say the ties to Putin run deep.

MSM keep digging." Actor and writer Tommy Campbell chimed in, while also poking fun at Trump for mocking the low ratings of the latest season of "The New Celebrity Apprentice." "It's terrifying that a whiny man-child that tweets about TV ratings will soon be trying to make important decisions for U.S." Campbell wrote.

Actress and former talk show host Rosie O'Donnell made sure to continue her social media attack on Donald Trump, not pulling any punches in the process.

O'Donnell wrote of the billionaire real estate mogul, "HE IS DEMENTED - UNSTABLE - UNWELL."

Next up

Despite the backlash, Donald Trump is now just two weeks away from being sworn in as the next commander in chief. On Inauguration Day, over 100,000 protesters are expected to take to the streets in Washington, D.C. to express their opposition, with the likes of filmmaker Michael Moore making his plan to be in attendance. Though Trump has vowed to be the president of "all Americans," it appears many are not convinced with his promise.