When it came to casting "The Bachelor" for 2017 a lot of fans thought it would be Chase McNary cast in the role. Instead, they ended up picking Nick Viall to be on the show. Now, Chase is revealing that he really did think he had the job. Us Magazine shared the details about what actually happened.

Chase reveals the details

Now Chase McNary is revealing the details and says that he had actually already signed the contract before they ended up telling him that he didn't have the job and that Nick Viall was the one who did. Chase said that they really did make him believe that he would be on the show.

It wasn't until the day before Nick Viall was announced as "The Bachelor" that Chase found out that it wouldn't be him on the show.

Chase shared that he had talked to his friends and family about it. Chase had actually signed everything and was ready to do it. When they told him he didn't get the job, he didn't find out that it was Nick, though. Chase found out when the rest of the world found out that it was going to be Nick Viall.

So when Chase McNary found out that it wasn't him, he just knew that Luke Pell got the job. He said that Luke was sure that he got the job when he found out that it wasn't him. They were both totally surprised by the announcement that Nick Viall was the one handing out roses.

Chase did admit to dating Tomi Lahren for a bit, but it didn't work out. He is single once again.

The thing is Chase McNary is not the only one they did this way. Luke Pell also thought he was going to have the job and was ready to get on a plane and accept the job in front of everyone. Instead, 11 hours before his plane was supposed to take off; Luke found out he didn't get the job.

You never know if one of these guys will end up on "Bachelor in Paradise" in the future.

Are you shocked to hear that Chase McNary had actually signed paperwork to be "The Bachelor"? Do you think that they picked the wrong guy? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss watching Nick Viall on "The Bachelor" on Monday nights on ABC.