One week ago, Donald Trump was sworn into office and officially became the 45th President of the United States. Since that time, Trump has taken drastic measures through the use of executive orders, which has resulted in serious backlash, including from comedian Bill Maher.

Maher on Trump

While Donald Trump was campaigning for president over the last year and half, he vowed to make big changes, and get them done quickly if he was elected as the new president. In the last seven days, Trump has used executive orders to start construction on the border wall with Mexico, restrict refugees from Syria from coming to the United States, and to restart the Keystone XL pipeline.

While supporters of the billionaire real estate mogul have been thrilled with what has gone down, others have voiced their opposition. During the January 27 edition of "Real Time with Bill Maher" on HBO, host Bill Maher didn't hold back his thoughts on the first week of the Trump administration.

(Full opening monologue in the video above.)

Kicking off the start of his show with his usual opening monologue, Bill Maher made sure to target Donald Trump. "It's day seven on the war on facts," Maher said, before adding, "What the fu*k is going on?" "But you know what? Hey, we're still here," the comedian noted, before giving a shout out to the Women's March of last weekend. "The largest collection of women since they gathered together the Bill Cosby victims," Maher noted, to the laughter of the studio audience.

"There is something happening, finally we have our own tea party, accept with more teeth and no spelling errors on the posters," Bill Maher stated. The liberal comedian roasted Donald Trump for getting triggered over the protests against him, before ripping him for his quick use of executive orders.

"He (Trump) spends all week signing executive orders," Maher said, before referring to them as "signed tweets."

"Real Time" ridicule

"It can't really be like this for four years, can it? I'm gonna loss my mind," Bill Maher went on to say. Not stopping there, the popular atheist went back to Trump's obsession with his low attendance during the inauguration.

"He can't stand it that when it comes to the size of the crowd, Obama's was bigger," Maher explained.

"This is about di*k. This is about a guy who never brought a woman to orgasm. He probably doesn't even think it exists in a woman," he continued, while mockingly speaking as Trump, stating, "your vagina is rigged." "I think the difference between Scientology and Donald Trump is that Scientology has better celebrities," Bill Maher said.

Moving forward

The harsh criticism from Bill Maher is in line with what many have been saying over the last week.

Whether it's celebrities like filmmakers Michael Moore and Rob Reiner, singers like Madonna, or just millions of American citizens who have voiced their concern over the new administration, Donald Trump has a tall order ahead of him if he wants to close the widen political gap between the American people.