Last week kicked off the new season of "The New Celebrity Apprentice." This time, instead of Donald Trump behind the desk, it was action star Arnold Schwarzenegger, though not as many people were glued to their TV sets.

Arnold responds

After 14 seasons hosting "The Apprentice," Donald Trump decided to hang it up and throw his name into the hat and run for president. A year and a half later and the billionaire real estate mogul shocked the world and became the new president-elect after a stunning win over Hillary Clinton. With Trump now headed for the White House, the show, newly branded as "The New Celebrity Apprentice," needed a new host to fill the void.

With Arnold Schwarzenegger now the lead, the show took a hit in the ratings after its season premiere, which Trump was quick to point out during a Twitter attack on Friday morning. In response, Schwarzenegger took the high-road on his own Twitter account on January 6.

Donald Trump mocked Arnold Schwarzenegger in a two-part tweet for "The New Celebrity Apprentice" seeing a decrease in ratings, with the president-elect saying the action star was "destroyed" when compared to "DJT." Trump went on to rip Schwarzenegger again, this time for supporting John Kasich in the Republican primary, and Hillary Clinton in the general election.

In response, Arnold Schwarzenegger gave his thoughts on the social media platform. "There's nothing more important than the people's work," Schwarzenegger wrote on Twitter.

In a follow-up message, the star of "The Terminator" franchise decided to not trade verbal punches with Trump, writing, "I wish you the best of luck and I hope you'll work for ALL of the American people as aggressively as you worked for your ratings."

Next up

Donald Trump and Arnold Schwarzenegger have had a friendship for years, but as with anyone who speaks out against the president-elect, that relationship appears to have gone sour.

Critics of Trump have come to the new host's defense, saying that the drop in ratings is part of a nation-wide boycott of anything that has to do with the "Trump" brand, including "The New Celebrity Apprentice," which he still receives an executive producer's credit.