After Donald Trump announced his campaign for president, it was only a matter of time before he would be the butt of many jokes. The biggest humorous shot taken at Trump has been the impression done by Alec Baldwin on "Saturday Night Live," which was in full effect on social media.

Baldwin on Trump

As the election moved forward, so did political satire. On "Saturday Night Live," the show did what it had always done for nearly four decades. Cast members roasted the top political candidates, poking fun at campaign rallies, news interviews, and debates.

As expected, Donald Trump was a top target, and was portrayed by veteran actor Alec Baldwin. Baldwin's performance was so spot on that the billionare real estate mogul would often rant on Twitter, voicing his displeasure in countless social media tirades. At one point, Trump was so triggered by an episode that he called for "Saturday Night Live" to be taken off the air. Following Trump's election win, Baldwin has made sporadic appearances on the sketch comedy program, and has even made his views known outside of the show, which was highlighted by The Hill on January 6.

Without even using words, Alec Baldwin took to his Instagram account on Friday and posted a picture of himself wearing a Donald Trump "Make America Great Again" hat.

However, the hat in question was not the typical piece of headgear found on Trump's campaign website, but rather a modified version.

Instead of the slogan written in English, it was replaced by a Russian translation, in a clear shot at Trump's alleged relationship with the Kremlin and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

While Donald Trump has yet to respond to Alec Baldwin over his latest jab, it wouldn't come as a surprise if he did.

From Russia with love

Over the last year, news outlets have continued to question what relationship, if any, Donald Trump has with Russia. In light of recent events surrounding Russia's hacking of the Democratic National Committee, Trump has continued to express doubt that the Kremlin had an impact on the election. Even after receiving classified briefings on the issue, the former host of "The Apprentice" is sticking by his praise of Putin and the Russians.