Ruth Alisha Merrill is a new cast member of “Alaskan Bush People” and fans of the show would like to know more about Noah Brown’s new love interest. Of course, Merrill did not appear under her real name on the television show but with the name of her character -- Rhain Alicia. Is it a coincidence that Merrill’s acting name is Rhain, which is similar to Noah’s younger sister Rain? Did the producers of “ABP” miss that there was already a member of the Brown family with a similar name, or are they intentionally confusing viewers?

Rhain versus Rain

Apparently, Discovery Channel is not even trying to hide that “Alaskan Bush People” is fake.

Ruth Alisha Merrill appearing as Rhain Alicia seems to be intended to get the show in the headlines and viewers talking. Quite obviously, the network is certainly succeeding in that.

In contrast to Noah’s younger sister Rain, Rhain has perfect white teeth, properly styled hair, and smiles a lot. Does the character of Rhain reflect what Rain could be once she is older? It is crucial for viewers to remember that in any reality television show, even in “Alaskan Bush People,” everything is fake – or more adequately described – carefully scripted.

What Merrill has to say

Watching Noah Brown interact with Rhain Alicia on “Alaskan Bush People” becomes more interesting when one turns the sound off. Rhain smiles at Noah, looks at him intently, swings her hips, and walks graciously across a board that happens to be placed like a small teeter totter conveniently in the Alaskan wilderness.

As for Merrill’s words on the show, she corrects Noah’s pronunciation of “simular” and asks him to teach her tai chi. Her concluding comment, “I think we are both really happy with each other” makes one wonder if not only “Alaskan Bush People” is fake, but also Rhain Alicia’s relationship to Noah?

Who really is Ruth Alisha Merrill?

Numerous online sites report that Ruth is from Oregon and that she is 26 years old. She s reportedly interested in fishing and hunting and intends to change her legal name Ruth Alisha Merrill to her character’s name of Rhain Alicia.

Noah, who is 24 years old, mentions on that Rhain Alicia comes from the lower states, but that she still seems to be comfortable with the Brown folks in the Alaskan wilderness.

A closer look at the scenes of Ruth Alisha Merrill and Noah has sparked rumors that the two might have gotten married during a recent Brown family trip to Las Vegas. Both Noah and Rhain Alicia are wearing rings on their fingers. The only question is -- are they married to each other or are the rings, like "Alaskan Bush People" just fake?

Brown men treat women as their own personal project?

Discovery Channel describes Noah, who is the fifth oldest son of the Brown family, as a guy who would like to invent a serving robot, sail around the world, and find his own dream girl. The network calls Rhain Alicia Noah’s “own personal project.”

Noah sounds a lot like his father Billy Brown, the “Alaskan Bush People” family patriarch.

Thirty-seven years ago, Billy Brown met his dream girl Ami, snatched the 15-year-old girl from her family, and took her to the Alaskan wilderness. Like his son Noah, Billy was a “can-do kind of guy.”

The similarity between father and son are frightening; especially if one listens carefully to how Noah speaks about Rhain. Noah says that the fact that Rhain Alicia (Ruth Alisha Merrill) is happy with a tent and content in the woods makes her “the perfect woman for me.”

During the “Alaskan Bush People” Discovery Channel video, Ruth Alisha Merrill speaks into the camera and says that when she first met Noah in Hoonah, Alaska, he scared her -- and that was the way “it all started.”

Does Ruth Alisha Merrill know about the true family background of Billy Brown? If Ruth Alisha Merrill would ask the mother and brother of Billy Brown’s wife Ami, she would hear a sincere warning – beware!